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What Is A Front Matter And What Are Its Components?

Have you experienced reading a book? Whether it is a hardbound or in portable document format (PDF), books are composed of different parts. Front matter is one part that composes a book. Readers usually skip the front matter part of a book.

The front matter of a book are the first few pages that you will find numbered in lower-case Roman numbers. If you want to know about the author and the publisher, you can go to the front matter. The part of the book with the lowest number of pages is the front matter. Here are the subsections of a front matter.

The frontispiece is the part of the front matter that can be included or not. It faces the title page and is printed with a decorative illusion.

A front matter has this title page which will let you see the name of the author and of the title of the book. You will notice that it has the same content as the cover and the spine.

Copyright page – this part can also be called “colophon”. This is where you will see the technical information such as edition dates, typefaces, copyrights, and ISBN and is usually on the reverse of the title page. You can also see here the names of the publishers and printers.

A front matter has this dedication page which may not be on every book. You will learn about the inspirations of the authors that made them come up with a book.

The epigraph is the part of the front matter that is also optional. This has a phrase, excerpt, or quotation from a poem will be put. This can sometimes serve as a preface.

The table of contents is the part of the front matter that is very important. This is usually the first part the readers look for. Here is the list of the chapter headings with their page numbers.

A front matter may or may not include a foreword. This is an introduction that is made by a different person and usually can be found before the preface.

Preface – this is also an optional part of a front matter. This is where the author puts his or her introduction. It usually gives an introduction to the story and provide a summary of how it was created.

A front matter may also include an acknowledgment. The names of the contributors of the book can be seen here.

Those were the subsections of a front matter. You now know all the parts of front matter and the importance of each. Same with the other parts of a book, the front matter is also important.

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