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CBD Oil: Uses and Other Health Benefits

The Hemp plant finds itself surrounded by a lot of controversy, due to its origins. There are certain strains of hemp that contains a little amount of THC, which is the psychoactive part of the marijuana family. The rest of the plants do not have any of it, and are therefore pure, though still plagued with controversy.
Hemp oil has always has some wonderful health benefits, that came to light not so long ago. There was a time when using hemp oil was not a problem, until people discovered the psychoactive uses of marijuana, and there had to be rules formulated to curb its spread. This affected the production of hemp oil, since the marijuana seeds and plant are needed. This led to a tricky situation, where CBD Hemp oil was declared legal, but any other part of the marihuana family was still illegal. Anyone found with the plant or seeds was in trouble with the law.

In recent times, its health and medical benefits have led to its wider spread availability, and the relaxation of the rules surrounding its production. Some states have legalized marijuana, making its production less challenging.

In the past, hemp oil came in handy in treating menstrual pain, indigestion, anorexia, external wounds and infections, asthma, and many other conditions. Another use of the plant’s fiber was in the production of cloth, ropes, and sails. This has resumed.

Hemp oil is full of unsaturated fats and essential fatty acids. The oil from the seeds, which are about a third of the seed’s total weight, contain a lot of essential nutrients, and so have to be pressed out of the seeds. This oil has the essential fatty acids Omega 3 and Omega 6 at a higher rate than anywhere else, except breast milk. On top of that, it will also have proteins, essential vitamins, and minerals. It thus makes for a good dietary supplement.

These fatty acids are critical when you are looking to restore proper nutrition and bring healing to the body. Hemp oil is also beneficial in the cosmetic industry. There have been successful cases where hemp oil was used to treat several skin conditions, as well as accidents such as burns.

Hemp oil will lead to a stronger immune system, a better cardiovascular system, and a more conducive body composition, where your bad cholesterol levels are minimized. It will help the body raise the good cholesterol levels, lower the blood pressure, and minimize the chances of you getting a heart attack. It works as an anti-inflammatory.

Hemp oil will also greatly assist those who are on chemotherapy. The oil will also minimize the damage the session can do to their bodies. IT will remain neutral towards any medication you are currently using.

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